[Pizza Home Delivery] Business for the production and delivery of pizza

Pizza - Italian national dish in the form of an open round cake covered with tomatoes and melted cheese (usually mozzarella), which can vpekatsya (depending on recipe and taste) different fillings (meat, ham, salami, seafood , vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, etc.).
Pizza Prototypes existed among the ancient Greeks and Romans. In connection with those brought tomatoes to Europe in 1522 in Naples how the prototype of Italian pizza. In the XVII century. there were special people (, pizzaiolo), finished the pizza to the Italian peasants. Pizza loved wife of King Ferdinand IV of Naples and Maria Carolina Lorena (1752-1814) and later - Italian King Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoy, in whose honor and was named one of the recipes. In the U.S. pizza came at the end of the second half of the XIX century and first appeared probably in Chicago. In 1957, there were pizza-finished.
Pizza spread mainly in the U.S. and Europe, where there developed a network of pizzerias, most of which offer free delivery to that address. In Russia appeared a simplified version of pizza - a hot sandwich, where the test is used instead of a slice of bread. The first part of kosher pizza managed to make the Israeli network of pizzerias <Pizza Maitre> for Passover. The Japanese version of pizza (<Okonomiyaki>) is a fried pancake with seafood and vegetables, a well-greased special sauce and sprinkle the dried tuna shavings. When applying such a pizza is divided into a flat spatula <kote>.

In order to create the business of producing and delivering pizzas it should be enough: prepared space, the driver with the car and two cooks.


To arrange a pizza would require space not less than 30 square. m. Location did not matter, above all to conform to all requirements and standards of the SEA. Room rental will cost you 10-30 dollars per sq ft

The basic set of equipment: mixer ($ 2 thousand), Proofers ($ 600), oven ($ 2 thousand), refrigerator ($ 500), freezer ($ 500), ventilation equipment ($ 3 thousand).
Also you will need the tables for preparation of the dough, shredding products, packaging - the cost of each from $ 100.
You can purchase raw pizza in hypermarkets, or in companies that supply products for all of Italian cuisine. Costs for raw materials are about $ 3 thousand per month.

To support the production you will required 4 chefs, which will work in shifts, three couriers and dispatcher. Cooks better to take with extensive experience in a pizzeria or who received specialized training in pitseollo. Salary is about $ 300. You can offer employees the payment scheme - salary plus interest.

Packaging and add. Services
Before delivery pizza packed: it is wrapped in foil, between the foil and put the parchment pizza to cheese without sticking, then packed in a pizza box made of mikrogofrirovannogo cardboard. Often, a set of complementary disposable forks, napkins and toothpick. Packing costs are about $ 300 a month. The range can be supplemented drinks. At first, they can not buy, and take on the implementation of the suppliers.



As a rule, ordering a pizza by phone and via the Internet. That is why the main advertising source for finding new customers in a pizzeria - is the internet and accommodation in the telephone directory. You can also distribute to distribute printing products home district where the production and delivery plans. Advertising budget start businesses in the initial stage is about 3 thousand dollars.

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